Edit history of Present for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~

v5386.152019-03-16 at 09:45shinnewPresent for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~Correct cast. link link link
v5386.142019-02-28 at 19:38nekonekogirlPresent for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~staff
v5386.132019-02-28 at 19:36nekonekogirlPresent for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~staff
v5386.122017-12-20 at 00:18mrgannosukePresent for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~source: erogamescape
v5386.112016-10-18 at 06:24nekonekogirlPresent for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~Staff
v5386.102016-01-16 at 20:31jazz957Present for You ~Watashi o A-Ge-Ru~wo -> o
v5386.92016-01-03 at 18:30jazz957Present for You ~Watashi wo A-Ge-Ru~fix
v5386.82015-02-26 at 12:24shinnewPresent for You ~Watashi wo A-Ge-Ru~Staff.
v5386.72014-06-18 at 13:33slv76Present for You ~Watashi wo A-Ge-Ru~Better cover
v5386.62014-06-18 at 13:23multiPresent for You ~Watashi wo A-Ge-Ru~Reverse relation update caused by revision v1039.8
v5386.52013-02-07 at 12:28nekonekogirlPresent for You ~Watashi wo A-Ge-Ru~Deleted one of the screenshots because it was exactly the same as one of the PC version ones.
v5386.42010-11-23 at 00:55soketsuPresent for You ~Watashi wo A-Ge-Ru~added a wtf description and defined length
v5386.32010-11-23 at 00:47soketsuPresent for You ~Watashi wo A-Ge-Ru~uploaded some scr shots and cg
v5386.22010-10-15 at 15:37atlantimaPresent for You ~Watashi wo A-Ge-Ru~screenshots
v5386.12010-10-15 at 15:22atlantimaPresent for You ~Watashi wo A-Ge-Ru~new vn