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v539.112009-01-21 at 11:15maouMeguri, Hitohira.Oh, the categories. There's only 1/2 eroscenes per heroine. The incest theme is strong with one heroine, lesser with another and not present in the
v539.102009-01-21 at 11:06maouMeguri, Hitohira.Screenshots, full complement now. ...Kyouka...
v539.92009-01-20 at 13:00maouMeguri, Hitohira.Screenshot Yes, this is a real CG from the game. The protag isn't an artist for nothing, y'know. Finally in the Kyouka part of the game <3
v539.82009-01-20 at 10:20maouMeguri, Hitohira.screenshot, another one I'll be in Kyouka route soon I hope.
v539.72009-01-20 at 06:45maouMeguri, Hitohira.screenshots, another batch She's at least as laconic as 舞
v539.62009-01-19 at 17:10immlffMeguri, Hitohira.It's novel(NVL), if we look on screenshots; other tweaks
v539.52009-01-19 at 04:01maouMeguri, Hitohira.Screenshots, adding as we go. Kyouka is pure awesome.
v539.42009-01-19 at 03:03maouMeguri, Hitohira.Screenshot, added first Kyouka <3
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