Edit history of Artemis Blue

v5451.332020-07-29 at 10:59varioArtemis Bluestaff (credits)
v5451.322019-12-09 at 16:21nekonekogirlArtemis Bluestaff
v5451.312019-10-26 at 10:10shinnewArtemis BlueWikidata.
v5451.302017-09-19 at 17:33emotionalArtemis BlueAliase.
v5451.292016-06-13 at 11:51itsuwariArtemis Bluebetter quality img
v5451.282016-01-21 at 23:40varioArtemis Bluedirector
v5451.272015-11-01 at 18:45traumatizerArtemis Bluecast
v5451.262015-10-06 at 08:52weilaiArtemis Blue..
v5451.252015-10-05 at 21:35weilaiArtemis Blue..
v5451.242015-08-17 at 01:17nananaArtemis Blue+1
v5451.232015-06-24 at 06:00jazz957Artemis BlueComposers
v5451.222015-03-22 at 21:00shinnewArtemis BlueStaff.
v5451.212015-02-26 at 10:37shinnewArtemis BlueStaff.
v5451.202015-02-20 at 22:04traumatizerArtemis Bluestaff
v5451.192015-01-28 at 21:37allenArtemis Bluevocals
v5451.182012-07-13 at 10:09izmosmolnarArtemis Bluelink
v5451.172011-12-19 at 13:11eyelessArtemis BlueReverted to revision v5451.15 I have nothing against eroscene screen as long as it is properly cropped and in correct resolution
v5451.162011-12-19 at 02:29soketsuArtemis BlueAs for the length, this VN has 8 episodes of about 5-7 hour each. As for the scr shot... Come on! This is an eroge so let's have a sample of an ero
v5451.152011-10-18 at 10:14nacchiArtemis BlueChanged length.
v5451.142011-05-14 at 21:46echomateriaArtemis Bluebrightness and contrast correction
v5451.132011-05-14 at 21:42immlffArtemis Bluebetter cover image
v5451.122011-05-14 at 21:41echomateriaArtemis Bluelets see if this is any improvement
v5451.112011-05-14 at 21:34izmosmolnarArtemis Bluesharper but smaller cover meh
v5451.102011-05-14 at 21:18izmosmolnarArtemis Blueproper cover
v5451.92011-04-02 at 16:43izmosmolnarArtemis Bluesome screens from the full version too
v5451.82011-02-14 at 05:50izmosmolnarArtemis Bluestry
v5451.72011-02-09 at 15:22yorhelArtemis BlueReverted to revision v5451.5 Will you please stop uploading unreadable descriptions?
v5451.62011-02-09 at 14:40zaikanoArtemis Blue...
v5451.52011-01-30 at 21:04metdragoidArtemis Bluesome screens
v5451.42011-01-29 at 14:40metdragoidArtemis Bluescreencaps
v5451.32010-11-19 at 18:04akisigureArtemis Bluecover.
v5451.22010-10-24 at 01:31akisigureArtemis Blueimage
v5451.12010-10-24 at 01:22akisigureArtemis BlueNew vn.