Akarui Mirai ~Wet And Messy 2nd time~

アカルイミライ Wet And Messy 2nd time

Akarui Mirai ~Wet And Messy 2nd time~
TitleAkarui Mirai ~Wet And Messy 2nd time~
Original titleアカルイミライ Wet And Messy 2nd time
AliasesWAM 2nd Time
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperFlyingShine Black
Publishers FlyingShine Black & FlyingShine
Alternative version
Crime Rhyme
Mirai Fandisc
Same series
WAM xxxnovel-wetandmessy.com


In Azami High School, the stage of this game, there is a rumor about a ghost. According to witnesses, that ghost is surprisingly beautiful and her scent is luscious. Masaki starts to examine the fact about the ghost and one day, he happens to talk with a girl who exists in the past, Sakura. But the fact is that she doesn't exist in the present. She was killed in the past and Masaki tries to change her future to save her....

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