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Asuka! ~Bokura Seitou Koukou Yakyuu Dan~


TitleAsuka! ~Bokura Seitou Koukou Yakyuu Dan~
Original titleあすか!~僕ら星灯高校野球団~
AliasesAsuka! ~Our Seitou High School Baseball Team~


Our heroine Asuka is the manager of her high school’s baseball team who also works part time in a cafe with her older brother Haruto as well as her younger brother Hikaru. The town folk get together and realize if they don’t somehow make their town stand out, everyone will start to leave and their shopping district and community will fall apart. They ask Haruto to become the coach and guide the high school baseball team to make it to Koshien. Doesn’t help that one of that star players of the team is moving away as well, so now it’s up to Asuka to convince everyone who quit to come back and kick some baseball ass! This isn’t a problem of course since everyone is her childhood friend.

[from Hinano's Game Babbles]

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Soratani Asuka空谷 あすか
HairAhoge, Orange, Short
ClothesSchool Uniform
PersonalityAirhead, Donkan
RoleHigh School Student, Nameable, School Baseball Club Member


2nd year high school student.
Older sister of Soratani Hikaru.
Younger sister of Soratani Haruto.
Manager of her school's baseball club.

Main characters

Kuraoka Tooru倉岡 透
HairShort, Teal, V Bangs
ClothesSchool Uniform
RoleHigh School Student, Senpai
Voiced byKondou Takashi


3rd year high school student.
Former captain of the baseball club.
His family owns a home appliance store.

Minase Ren水瀬 蓮
HairGrey, Short
ClothesSchool Uniform
PersonalityHetare, Narcissist, Ore-sama
RoleHigh School Student, Neighbor, School Cultural Club Member, Senpai
Voiced bySakurai Takahiro


Third year high school student.
A monk at his family's Buddhist temple.
A member of the Calligraphy club.

Side characters

Soratani Haruto空谷 陽斗
HairGreen, Short
RoleManagement, Older Brother
Voiced byTakahashi Hiroki


Soratani Asuka and Soratani Hikaru's older brother.
He manages the family's cafe in place of his retired parents.