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Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~

Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~
Play timeVery long (75h from 69 votes)
Developerlight & Greenwood Co., Ltd.
Publisherslight & Views Co., Ltd
Views Co., Ltd
White Novels
Alternative version
Dies irae Also sprach Zarathustra
Same series
Paradise Lost
Same setting
Kajiri Kamui Kagura
Side story
Dies irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~
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May 1, 1945 ― Germany. On the eve of Berlin's collapse, a group of men and women carried out a certain ritual. To them, suffering defeat in the war meant nothing. If anything, the countless lives lost in the battle served as a catalyst to their sacrificial ceremony. Whether or not their attempt bore fruit ― not a soul knows. Following the war, they faded from sight, mind, and eventually into the realm of myth.

61 years later ― Japan, 2006.
Ren Fujii, a young man attending high school in Suwahara City, finds his friendship with his old buddy Shirou Yusa shatter to pieces following a certain incident, ending in a vicious fight that sees Ren hospitalized for two months.
The season shifts from autumn to winter ― to the dawning weeks of December, with Christmas on the horizon. Having lost his best friend, Ren leaves the hospital with the intention to rebuild his new life without Shirou.
But even that plan soon falls apart. Irrationality that defies the realm of common sense begins to assault and devour the city. Abnormalities soon seek to destroy everything Ren holds dear before his eyes with overwhelming violence.
He must change, even if it means crossing the boundary between the ordinary and the extraordinary. His desires are hardly anything grand. All he wants is to return to those days of old. Back to those days filled with simple, everyday joy.
The battle with the Longinus Dreizehn Orden. A continuation of that war full of madness, carnage, and maledictions. What future awaits Ren at the end of his road...?

[From Steam]

A thoroughly rewritten and expanded remake of Dies irae Also sprach Zarathustra. Henceforth, the two should be treated as different games.

2000s 3.0 Duel 3.0 Major Antagonist 3.0 Multiple Route Mystery 3.0 Orphan Heroine 3.0 Proactive Protagonist 3.0 Action 2.9 Fighting Protagonist 2.9 Fictional Modern Day Japanese Town 2.9 Hotblooded ProtagonistS 2.9 Unlockable Routes 2.9 ApocalypseS 2.9 Psychological ProblemsS 2.9 Protagonist with a Face 2.8 Protagonist with Voice Acting 2.8 Combat Capable Friends 2.8 Low Sexual Content 2.8 Life and Death DramaS 2.8 Battle Royale 2.8 Music Recollection 2.8 Unlockable Gallery 2.8 Other Perspectives 2.7 Student Protagonist 2.7 ReincarnationS 2.7 ResurrectionS 2.7 Combat with Exotic WeaponsS 2.7 Protagonist's Opponent as a Heroine 2.7 Tsundere Heroine 2.7 Unlockable Side Stories 2.6 Superpowers 2.6 Multiple Endings 2.6 Secret Society 2.6 MadnessS 2.6 Violence 2.6 Homicide 2.6 Bloody Scenes 2.5 Sentient Weapon Heroine 2.5 Combat with Bladed Weapons 2.5 Flat Tints Only 2.5 Friendship 2.5 Multiple Credit Rolls 2.5 Orphan Protagonist 2.5 Philosophy 2.5 Priest Support Character 2.5 Read Text Marking 2.5 ADV 2.5 Fighting Heroine 2.5 DesperationS 2.5 White Haired Heroine 2.5 Death of HeroineS 2.4 Impulsive ProtagonistS 2.4 Enforced Playing OrderS 2.4 Urban Fantasy 2.4 Student Heroine 2.4 Branching PlotS 2.3 Combat with Firearms 2.3 Male Friend 2.3 Mid-game Videos 2.3 Multiple Songs 2.3 SacrificeS 2.3 Unlockable Epilogue 2.3 Male Protagonist 2.3 Sword Combat 2.3 Graphic Violence 2.3 Protagonist's Senpai as a Heroine 2.3 Unique Routes 2.3 Brief NVL Scenes 2.2 Drastic Character DevelopmentS 2.2 Nun Support Character 2.2 Drama 2.1 Mystery 2.1 Brief Third-person Narrative Sections 2.0 Defloration 2.0 Deredere Heroine 2.0 Energy Transfer via Sex 2.0 Flashback 2.0 French Heroine 2.0 Goddess HeroineS 2.0 Group of Friends 2.0 Hero(ine) Selection 2.0 Heroine with Ahoge 2.0 Heroine with Zettai Ryouiki 2.0 High School Student Heroine 2.0 Identity CrisisS 2.0 In Medias Res 2.0 Loli Support Character 2.0 Magic/ESP Combat 2.0 Mayadere Heroine 2.0 Metafiction 2.0 Metropolitan Area 2.0 Modern Day 2.0 Modifications 2.0 Save Memo Function 2.0 Slice of Life Comedy 2.0 Support Character with Ahoge 2.0 Sword Wielding Heroine 2.0 Thriller 2.0 Time StopS 2.0 Tomboy Heroine 2.0 Transformation Sequence(s) 2.0 Winter 2.0 Magic 1.9 Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine 1.9 Church 1.8 Airhead Heroine 1.8 No Common Sense HeroineS 1.8 Norse MythologyS 1.8 Classic Tsundere Heroine 1.8 Female FriendS 1.8 Unlockable Choices 1.8 Female Protagonist for a Short Time 1.7 War 1.7 Infinite Spontaneous Power-ups 1.6 Doggy Style 1.5 Romance 1.5 Lots of Event CGs 1.4 School 1.3 Unlockable Hero(ine) 1.2 Sex Under the NecessityS 1.2 Cowgirl 1.1 Male Protagonist for a Short Time 1.1 Bathroom Sex 1.0 Censored Text 1.0 Comedy 1.0 Group Sex of One Female and Several MalesS 1.0 Has Window Transparency Setting 1.0 Hate Sex (Consensual) 1.0 Horror 1.0 Missionary Position 1.0 Murder Mystery 1.0 Only Virgin Heroines 1.0 Outdoor Sex 1.0 Park 1.0 Quickie Fix Position 1.0 Sex in Water 1.0 Sitting Sex 1.0 Time LoopS 1.0 Unarmed Combat 1.0 Unlockable Event 1.0 PastS 0.9 Footjob 0.8 Skip to Choices 0.8 Blowjob 0.7 Fighting Hero 0.7 Handjob 0.6 Sexual Content 0.5 Brocon Heroine 0.5 Scenario Selection 0.5 Boobjob 0.4 NVL 0.3


Japanese (23)
2009-07-2418+Dies irae Also sprach Zarathustra -die Wiederkunft- First Press Edition
2009-11-1318+Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ Trial Edition
2009-12-2518+Dies irae Also sprach Zarathustra ~Acta est Fabula~ -Scharlachrot Grun- (patch)
2009-12-2518+Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ First Press Edition
2009-12-2518+Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ Regular Edition
2010-09-2418+Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ Appreciation Campaign Edition
2012-06-2817+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ First Press Limited Edition
2012-06-2817+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Regular Edition
2012-07-0517+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Download Edition
2012-08-3115+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ First Press Edition
2012-09-2015+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Regular Edition
2014-08-0118+Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ Download Edition
2014-08-0815+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Download Edition
2015-08-1915+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Android Edition
2015-12-2518+Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ Windows 10 Renewal Package Edition
2015-12-2815+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Windows 10 Renewal Package Edition
2016-12-0215+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ iOS Edition
2017-09-2918+Dies irae & WORLD BOX ~Masada Premium~
2017-09-2918+Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ HD -Animation Anniversary-
2017-09-2915+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ HD -Animation Anniversary-
2017-11-0218+Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ HD -Animation Anniversary- Download Edition
2017-11-0215+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ HD -Animation Anniversary- Download Edition
2018-10-1817+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ For Nintendo Switch
English (8)
2017-06-0115+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~
2017-06-0115+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Act I: Omnia Vincit Amor (patch)
2017-06-0115+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Act II: Nihil Difficile Amanti (patch)
2017-12-1518+Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ (patch)
2017-12-1918+Dies irae DX package
2018-04-0615+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Kickstarter-Exclusive Physical Edition
2018-09-27Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ 4:3 Resolution Patch (patch)
2020-12-2717+Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ For Nintendo Switch (unofficial patch)
Russian (1)
2021-06-2818+Dies irae (Demo) (unofficial)
Spanish (1)
TBA18+Dies irae (unofficial patch)


  • Artist
  • G Yuusuke
  • YuunagiSprites in Switch version side story
  • Vocals
  • Sakakibara YuiActa est Fabula OP "Gregorio" & ED "Über den Himmel", Amantes amentes OP "Jubilus" & ED "Sanctus", Switch Version OP "Einsatz -zugabe-"
  • Director
  • Masada TakashiSwitch version
  • Mayuki
  • Vocals
  • Sakakibara YuiActa est Fabula OP "Gregorio" & ED "Über den Himmel", Amantes amentes OP "Jubilus" & ED "Sanctus", Switch Version OP "Einsatz -zugabe-"
  • Director
  • Masada TakashiSwitch version
  • Mayuki

Full character list

Character summary

Fujii RenProtagonist
Voiced by Sakiware Spoon
Ayase KasumiMain character
Voiced by Samoto Fuuri
Himuro ReaMain character
Voiced by Hinami Fuuka
MarieMain character
Voiced by Sakakibara Yui
MercuriusMain character
Voiced by Sakiware Spoon
Sakurai KeiMain character
Voiced by Kawashima Rino
Yusa ShirouMain character
Voiced by Taniguchi Kei
Honjou EriiSide character
Voiced by Minami Ibuki
Lisa BrennerSide character
Voiced by Ayase Yuu
Rote SpinneSide character
Voiced by Mikawa Haruto
Rusalka SchwägerinSide character
Voiced by Kimura Ayaka
Valeria TrifaSide character
Voiced by Aoshima Yaiba
Wilhelm EhrenburgSide character
Voiced by Sugisaki Kazuya
Wolfgang SchreiberSide character
Voiced by Hiyashi Tanuki

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Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~ First Press Edition

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Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~

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