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v548.542018-09-17 at 16:55sakuhanachanDies iraelink
v548.532018-03-17 at 04:51ionrae87Dies iraeAdded staff
v548.522018-01-27 at 19:28ionrae87Dies iraeAdded staff.
v548.512017-10-21 at 13:35infernoplexDies iraeOukay, this is getting ridiculous. Moved the discussion here.
v548.502017-10-21 at 12:55alfheimDies iraeIMO that img from before was ok, this img is just blury and small, looks better with upright design like with PSP box img.
v548.492017-10-21 at 00:42coffeefluxDies iraeReverted to revision v548.47 The tilt looks awful; please stop trying to change it when it's clearly not intended to be viewed that way
v548.482017-10-20 at 18:51infernoplexDies iraeHere, can all parties be happy now? No DVD logo, vertical orientation of the same image, Amentes Amentes logo instead of Acta est Fabula.
v548.472017-10-20 at 10:43tsukaiDies iraeIt's the original cover of the Acta est Fabula release without the DVD logo (see: link).
v548.462017-10-20 at 07:29midoko39Dies iraeI'm sorry, but I think it's more fitting to add a proper game box cover rather than a promotional image. The rules says that it's better to do so
v548.452017-10-20 at 07:14midoko39Dies iraeAdded game box cover
v548.442017-10-19 at 23:21insanityyDies iraeyeah changing the cover to a weirdly tilted one with logos wasn't really an improvement
v548.432017-10-19 at 16:43midoko39Dies iraeImage changed to DVD box format
v548.422017-10-19 at 16:43midoko39Dies iraeImage changed to DVD box format
v548.412017-07-25 at 21:57infernoplexDies iraeAdded Lotus's voice actor.
v548.402017-06-28 at 13:39yoxallDies iraeDescription
v548.392017-06-02 at 07:33girlplayerDies iraetypo
v548.382017-06-02 at 07:33girlplayerDies iraeplot description from steam
v548.372017-01-08 at 20:34alexandraidvDies iraeUpdated WP link
v548.362016-12-18 at 18:44beliarDies iraeRemoved alias of Hiyashi Tanuki
v548.352016-10-18 at 21:36varioDies iraestaff
v548.342016-09-20 at 22:25varioDies irae+1
v548.332016-08-21 at 17:51shinnewDies iraeStaff.
v548.322016-03-11 at 06:53tsukaiDies iraeupdated Eleonore's va to show the alias from acta est fabula (as is with the rest of the cast)
v548.312015-12-19 at 15:16yoxallDies iraecast
v548.302015-12-18 at 16:31yoxallDies iraecast
v548.292015-11-20 at 20:44multiDies iraeReverse relation update caused by revision v18685.2
v548.282015-11-20 at 20:21multiDies iraeReverse relation update caused by revision v18685.1
v548.272015-06-29 at 18:01cyberslayerDies iraecast
v548.262015-06-29 at 17:11cyberslayerDies iraecast
v548.252015-06-04 at 17:30nachtwandlerDies iraeAnime relation added
v548.242015-04-01 at 09:40traumatizerDies iraeproper aliases & staff
v548.232015-03-13 at 03:19eurovaDies iraeCast added
v548.222015-02-02 at 12:54hitogoroshiDies iraeArtist
v548.212015-01-31 at 21:55wakaranaiDies iraealias update
v548.202015-01-31 at 21:25moogyDies iraestaff
v548.192015-01-30 at 02:35girlplayerDies iraeStaff
v548.182015-01-29 at 03:26r2Dies iraeadded script writer
v548.172013-02-04 at 22:30atlantimaDies iraewiki
v548.162012-10-23 at 04:04dxsDies iraeNow with an actual proper description written by someone who's read it.
v548.152012-02-09 at 21:05moogyDies iraehigher resolution cover image + replaced the sole image of also sprach zarathustra because that scene is in acta est fabula anyway and there's no
v548.142012-02-07 at 02:05moogyDies iraeKKK isn't really an "alternate version"
v548.132012-01-26 at 12:34moogyDies iraeDealing with this entry is a bit tricky, as there are basically two entirely different games named Dies irae, yet they can still be considered
v548.122011-09-30 at 09:01izmosmolnarDies irae Also sprach Zarathustraprobably the closest relations I can think of, but if someone can think of better then go ahead. massive kkk / dies irae / lost paradise spoilers link
v548.112010-10-30 at 07:24izmosmolnarDies irae Also sprach ZarathustraScreens. Don't play this game.
v548.102010-07-16 at 23:09reoDies irae Also sprach Zarathustraadd Aliases
v548.92009-12-31 at 11:15maouDies irae Also sprach Zarathustra228 screenshots... and nearly all of them of 螢...
v548.82009-12-28 at 11:58maouDies irae Also sprach ZarathustraA single new screenshot, for now.
v548.72009-04-25 at 06:46maouDies irae Also sprach ZarathustraNow with text! <_<
v548.62009-04-25 at 06:28maouDies irae Also sprach Zarathustra<@applehq> one screenshot? Well, added a few as a stopgap... I'll upload screenshots Die Wiederkunft when it comes out.
v548.52008-08-29 at 10:47maouDies irae Also sprach ZarathustraAdded Screenshot-releaseinfo She really needs her own route