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Tsuma Koukan ~Aitsu no Wife to Ore no Yome~


TitleTsuma Koukan ~Aitsu no Wife to Ore no Yome~
Original title妻交換~あいつのワイフと俺の嫁~
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperBlue Gale Light
PublishersBlue Gale Light
Shops» JP¥ 3080 @ DLsite (jpn)


Takumi Araida has been married for 3 years. He loves his wife, but he feels troubled that their married life has become monotonous.

One day, a married couple moved to the apartment next door. Surprisingly the wife was Ryouko Nakajima, Takumi's classmate in middle school, and her husband happens to be Takumi's wife's acquaintance. In celebration of their reunion with old acquaintances, as well as the Nakajima's moving into their new residence, the two couples held a party.

Eventually everyone got drunk and dozed off except Takumi, and as he was clearing up and bringing the utensils into the kitchen, Ryouko alone woke up and came to him. It was then that he cut his fingers while he was cleaning up. After he washed off the blood, to stop the bleeding Ryouko suddenly sucked on his fingers.

"Wait, wait... ouch. I'm fine."

Even as he wants it to stop, his fingers also felt comfortable in Ryouko's mouth. As she closes her eyes and calmly sucks on his fingers, combined with her tongue movements, Takumi found her increasingly alluring and he gets more and more aroused, to the extent of feeling pain as his erection forces itself inside his pants.

"Stop, this is.... this... is getting out of hand..."

But before he can finish his sentence, Ryouko interrupts him with a kiss...

[Translated from Getchu synopsis]

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