Album no Naka no Hohoemi


Album no Naka no Hohoemi
TitleAlbum no Naka no Hohoemi
Original titleアルバムの中の微笑み
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Ex12 & Assemblage Corporation


You as male main character returns to japan after completeing your europe ART studies. As a rich man's son you were allowed to travel around to seek education around the globe. Now that you have completed your quest its time to return to japan... and marry Satsuki, your preset bride to be. There is a problem, you have got a maid thats been following you most of your life. She likes you. After arriving in Japan, you soon became the art teacher of an all girls school. Now 3 more girls join the wagon and they all want a piece of you alright. Who would you chose?

[From Anime Densetsu]

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