Edit history of Zest to Fantasy

v5522.112017-04-16 at 19:58jazz957Zest to FantasyNGO isn't listed in the credits, although that could just mean that NGO is an alias of one of the three credited as "Edited by"
v5522.102016-04-08 at 03:40jazz957Zest to Fantasystaff
v5522.92015-05-19 at 05:13tenteishinshiZest to Fantasyadd
v5522.82015-05-18 at 22:42jazz957Zest to FantasyComposer
v5522.72015-03-09 at 22:56tenteishinshiZest to Fantasyadd
v5522.62014-07-18 at 00:23eiesoldarZest to FantasyLength, 10 screenshots
v5522.52011-12-22 at 12:01slv76Zest to FantasyBigger cover
v5522.42010-11-01 at 02:28immlffZest to Fantasyslightly better cover
v5522.32010-11-01 at 01:55eyelessZest to Fantasytiny cover is better than no cover at all.
v5522.22010-10-31 at 19:49claymoreZest to Fantasydescription linkl fix
v5522.12010-10-31 at 19:13karomiZest to Fantasynew vn