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Zetsubou Shoujo ~Fukushuu no Seisai Kyoushitsu~

絶望少女 ~復讐の性裁教室~

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Zetsubou Shoujo ~Fukushuu no Seisai Kyoushitsu~Suggestive / Tame (15)
絶望少女 ~復讐の性裁教室~
Zetsubou Shoujo ~Fukushuu no Seisai Kyoushitsu~
Play timeUnknown
PublishersAnkoku Gekijou & Manbou
Shopssponsored links» JP¥ 3036 @ DLsite


Takashi starts working at a high school and meets two girls there, Mikie and Kiyomi. He still believes that Mikie's father and Kiyomi conspired together and ruined his girlfriend's future. Revenge.... He decides to take revenge on them....

[From ErogeShop]

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