Yappari Boku wa "Akane-sama" ni Sakaraenai


TitleYappari Boku wa "Akane-sama" ni Sakaraenai
Original titleやっぱり僕は“アカネ様”に逆らえない
AliasesI Guess I Can't Disobey Akane
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers MAXAL


MAXAL presents its third work: hot seduction of little shota by sexually mature girl!

Recommended to men who have fantasized about an experienced girl teaching you before your ready age...

Takaya Kirino's parental situation required him to live with family on his mother's side, especially a college girl named Akane. She was kind to him, until one day she suddenly teased his penis in the bathtub! From that day, they broke all boundaries...

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