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v5542.132018-03-12 at 15:38wakaranaiBin★Can Darlingcast
v5542.122016-05-01 at 03:28weilaiBin★Can Darling..
v5542.112016-04-15 at 09:24nekonekogirlBin★Can DarlingAdded staff
v5542.102015-09-14 at 15:19jazz957Bin★Can DarlingStaff
v5542.92013-10-10 at 08:28binfujiwaraBin★Can Darlingscreenshots
v5542.82013-10-10 at 08:01binfujiwaraBin★Can Darlingcover
v5542.72013-07-30 at 10:59nekonekogirlBin★Can DarlingFixed title and description.
v5542.62011-03-31 at 16:09nekonekogirlBin Can DarlingAdded screenshots.
v5542.52011-01-08 at 00:07atlantimaBin Can Darlingderp
v5542.42011-01-08 at 00:06atlantimaBin Can Darlingcopy paste error
v5542.32011-01-07 at 23:59atlantimaBin Can Darlingshitty engrish description
v5542.22010-11-03 at 16:37atlantimaBin Can Darling1プレイ時間: 3~4時間 according to link
v5542.12010-11-03 at 16:26atlantimaBin Can Darlingnew vn