Sakura Machizaka Stories Vol. 1

桜待坂Stories vol.1

Sakura Machizaka Stories Vol. 1
TitleSakura Machizaka Stories Vol. 1
Original title桜待坂Stories vol.1
Aliases花蝶楓月, フレンズ to Sweets, Friends to Sweets
Publishers Ivory
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Contains two stories: "Friends to Sweets" and "花蝶楓月".


2004-07-3018+  Sakura Machizaka Stories Vol. 1 - First Press EditionNon-freeCommercial800x6001 DVD  


Character summary

Main character Fujima Ui
Voiced by Haruno Kaeru
Main character Fuuka
Voiced by Takana Yuka
Main character Kishino Mizuki
Main character Koumura Shino
Voiced by Hokuto Minami
Main character Nagase Yukino
Main character Nakai Sena
Voiced by Satou Yuki
Side character Atsumi Rokurou
Side character Gunma Tetsuhito
Side character Kushimiya Zen'ichi
Side character Nakahara Hiroto
Side character Shirai Tamami
Voiced by Akizuki Mai

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