Yuuyami no Warabeuta


TitleYuuyami no Warabeuta
Original title夕闇の童詩
AliasesYūyami no Warabeuta, Yuyami no Warabeuta, 夕闇の童詩(わらべうた)
Publishers En


Zashiki Warashi are spirits that have lived alongside humans since ancient times. There is a legend that zashiki can become human if he finds a person who can see and touch him and who can eventually have sex with him. There lives a zashiki boy in search for such human for a long time.

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2001-08-3118+  Yuuyami no Warabeuta - First Press Limited EditionNon-freeCommercial800x6001 CD 2 


Character summary

Main character Yukio
Main character Yuri

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