Tomak: Jigu-reul Jikyeora

토막: 지구를지켜라, 러브스토리

Tomak: Jigu-reul Jikyeora
TitleTomak: Jigu-reul Jikyeora
Original title토막: 지구를지켜라, 러브스토리
Aliasesトマツク セーブ ジ アース, Tomak: Save the Earth: Love Story
Publishers Wizard Soft
Available atJapanese PlayStation 2 version at for US$ 59.90 »


The gods want to destroy the Earth because "true love" no longer exists. But the Goddess of Love, Evian, still believes in humans. To prove that "true love" exists, she comes to Earth. However, the other gods only let her bring her head, to prove that what another feels for her is love, not lust. Evian's head is in a flowerpot. You have only three years to get Evian to fall in love with you before the gods destroy the world.

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2001-06-09  Tomak: Jigu-reul JikyeoraNon-freeCommercial
2002-03  Tomak: Save the Earth, Love Story J EditionNon-freeCommercial
2002-03-28  Tomak -save the earth- (Japanese Edition)Non-freeCommercial2 CDs  
2002-12-19  Tomak -save the earth-Non-freeCommercial1 CD

Character summary

Main character Desawa
Voiced by Kingetsu Mami
Main character E Soyoung
Voiced by Mannaka Yukiko
Main character Evian
Voiced by Enomoto Atsuko
Main character Kang Songfung
Main character Kim Chihyung
Voiced by Nakayama Sara
Main character Kyang Unjung
Voiced by Maeda Konomi
Main character Morning Sunshine
Voiced by Hori Hideyuki
Main character Pak Sonte
Voiced by Kajiwara Akira
Main character Pastyle
Voiced by Numata Yuusuke

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