Releases for Senior Year

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TitlePublicationResolutionVoicedReleased ▴Notes
Senior YearFreeware, doujin

800x600Fully voiced2006-12-2716+
College RomanceFreeware, doujin640x480Not voiced2009-01-2316+A Flash based remake of "Senior Year" with some bug fixes and a couple additional scenes added minus voices.
Alta, TexasNon-free, doujin

UnknownFully voiced2013-01-13All agesA "reboot" of Senior Year written in Javascript to follow the Win 8 UI standard and be touch compatible. Has also been rewritten to be "all ages" (i.e. no implied nudity or phrases of questionable content).

No longer available.
Alta, Texas - DemoFreeware, doujin

UnknownFully voiced2013-01-13All agesMediafire: Windows, Mac, Linux.
Alta, TexasNon-free, doujinUnknownFully voiced2014-05-17All agesNo longer available.