Chicchai Maid-san


Chicchai Maid-san
TitleChicchai Maid-san
Original titleちっちゃいメイドさん
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers HeartBring


Masato is living alone because his mother passed away when he was a child and his father is abroad for bussiness. One night, when he comes back to his house after part time job, he finds a girl lying in front of his house. She is a young girl and suddenly she calls him "Danna-Sama". She hands him a letter that is from his father! According his letter, she used to work at a house as a maid but the owner of the house passed away. Therefore, he decides to employ her as a maid at his house. Also, his father told her that she can be Masato's wife....

[From Himeya Shop]