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Shiofuki Mermaid "Dame... Coach! Nanika ga Dechauu!"


TitleShiofuki Mermaid "Dame... Coach! Nanika ga Dechauu!"
Original titleしおふきマーメイド「だめ……コーチッ!何かが出ちゃうぅ!」
AliasesSpouting Mermaid "No... Coach! Something's coming out!", Female Ejaculation Mermaid
PublishersMarine & Lune
Shops» JP¥ 13200 @ DLsite (jpn) (bundle)
Related anime[DB-ANN] Shiofuki Mermaid: Poolside no Hatsutaiken (OVA, 2011)


Makoto is an ordinary uni student. There is a swimming pool near his place, and he often comes there to swim and enjoy watching swimsuits women. One day, he is asked to teach swimming to Marina. It seems she can't swim at all. While he touches her body, he gets erected. Marina notices it, and gives him a blowjob. When he touches her vagina, she cries out in pleasure and achieves female ejaculation. His unknown erotic ability comes into bloom! Make all the women from a uni student to a married woman ejaculate with your fingers!

[From ErogeShop]