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v576.132019-02-13 at 10:19nekonekogirlPeriod Sweet Dropsstaff
v576.122016-10-15 at 00:40parfaitPeriod Sweet Drops+1
v576.112015-08-24 at 18:28slv76Period Sweet DropsAdd 1 pic
v576.102015-02-08 at 09:40traumatizerPeriod Sweet Dropsart
v576.92015-02-03 at 07:10nekoyashaPeriod Sweet DropsAdding cast.
v576.82013-10-25 at 00:30binfujiwaraPeriod Sweet Dropscover
v576.72013-10-25 at 00:28binfujiwaraPeriod Sweet Dropscover, alias
v576.62012-09-25 at 22:39surferdudePeriod Sweet Dropsgrammar, screenshots
v576.52011-07-06 at 16:39belucrePeriod Sweet DropsIncluded the names of the extra heroines with added routes, edited faulty information.
v576.42011-01-28 at 10:47irxPeriod Sweet Dropsrel, jap name
v576.32008-07-07 at 08:54echomateriaPeriod Sweet Dropscover-des
v576.22008-04-01 at 17:02echomateriaPeriod Sweet Drops
v576.12008-04-01 at 17:02echomateriaPeriod Sweet Drops