Oshiete Teacher


Oshiete Teacher
TitleOshiete Teacher
Original titleおしえてティーチャー
Publishers BLACKRAINBOW DVDPG Division & For


Main character is a teacher in a girls school. At the same time he shares the dormitory with the girls. He is confessed to by a female teacher, and needs to give a reply within two weeks. Who will be by his side at that time?

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2000-09-0818+  Oshiete TeacherNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD
2004-02-2618+  for H Super Remix Vol. 1 - DVDPG EditionNon-freeCommercial  
2009-02-2018+  Oshiete Teacher - Download EditionNon-freeCommercial640x480Internet download

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