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Cute Cute Dakishimete!!


TitleCute Cute Dakishimete!!
Original titleCuteきゅっと抱きしめて!!
AliasesCute Kyutto Dakishimete!!
PublishersFor & BLACKRAINBOW DVDPG Division
Shops» JP¥ 2619 @ DLsite (jpn)


Protagonist is a 3rd year high school student, but he is already engaged since the childhood. During summer holidays a cute girl suddenly visits his house and somehow they spend night together. He feels easy next to her, but he's also looking forward to his marriage with the engaged girl. This summer will be hot!

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2000-12-0118+Cute Cute Dakishimete!!
2004-02-2618+for H Super Remix Vol. 2 - DVDPG Edition
2007-12-2118+Cute Cute Dakishimete!! - Download Edition

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Cute Cute Dakishimete!! - Download Edition

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