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Onna Kyoushi -Nikutai Jugyou-

女教師 -肉体授業-

女教師 -肉体授業-
Onna Kyoushi -Nikutai Jugyou-
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Related anime[DB-ANN] Onna Kyoushi: Nikutai Jugyou (OVA, 2004)


Misaki Nagasawa is assigned as a new teacher for the new school term. She witnesses one of her colleagues being raped by one of the schoolboys. Misaki is also nearly raped; Yukie the school nurse saves her. An honor student named KIYA, protects her from perverts on the train. Both KIYA and Yukie provide her with moral support. One day, Misaki finds TAKAYA calling her name out while masturbating. KIYA ends up confessing his true feelings for her. Will his love for her mature into anything? What will become of Misaki's future as a teacher?

In sensual novel circles, this female teacher game is really becoming popular. During the course of the semester, this new teacher is molested in every way possible. The story depicts how this young woman grows through her tribulations. The game is set up with Misaki as the heroine. Through a third person narration, this story develops into a truly sensual novel.

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