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v580.162019-05-10 at 18:41kivandopulusMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~last desc was copypaste of 4th game joke or smth
v580.152018-10-15 at 18:01wakaranaiMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~music credit
v580.142018-05-04 at 09:35darkness-weaverMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~cover
v580.132017-04-06 at 17:21decemberMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~another voice done by this guy
v580.122017-04-06 at 17:21decemberMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~more voices per link since getchu and official site didn't have
v580.112016-12-30 at 08:59nekonekogirlMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~staff
v580.102016-05-23 at 17:13nekonekogirlMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~Staff
v580.92016-03-13 at 15:16nekonekogirlMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~Added cast
v580.82015-11-27 at 21:12dk382Men at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~CGs only (see d2#6)
v580.72015-11-08 at 09:05tyciolMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~One girl
v580.62015-06-21 at 14:49varioMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~staff
v580.52010-04-03 at 18:54immlffMen at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~original title and its romanization
v580.42008-04-04 at 09:59echomateriaMen at Work! 3 ~Hunters our Youth~
v580.32008-04-01 at 23:03echomateriaMen at Work! 3 -Young Hunters-
v580.22008-04-01 at 23:03echomateriaMen at Work! 3 -Young Hunters-
v580.12008-04-01 at 22:57echomateriaMen at Work! 3 -Young Hunters-