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MISAO~Injoku Ninpouden~


TitleMISAO~Injoku Ninpouden~
Original titleMISAO~淫辱忍法伝~
AliasesMISAO - Legend of the Humiliated Ninja -
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperBlack Lilith
PublishersBlack Lilith
Shares characters
Taimanin Asagi ~Kessen Arena~
Side story
Lilith-Izm08 ~Nobushito Black Izm~
Shops» JP¥ 2200 @ DLsite (eng)
» JP¥ 2200 @ DLsite (jpn)


In the troublous times in Sengoku period, while samurais are fighting battles to dominate the whole country, ninjas are also striving. In the tough fights, there's a shinobi who has an art of ninja called Gedou, which is to control the dead bodies. Her name is Misao, the head of the ninja village of Flame.

She is about to become a fiancee of Hanzo Hattori, the leader of the powerful Iga ninja group which serves Tokugawa family. Everyone expected that this engagement would bring the peace to the world of ninja. However, all of the sudden, someone abducted Misao.

The men who took her off were a group called Rasetsu. They were a notorious assassination team made up of rogue ninjas that don't belong to any particular village. Their idea was to train Misao to make her a mere puppet and to rule Iga and Tokugawa family.
Can Misao withstand various sexual trainings she gets from Rasetsu!?

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