Sorairo Memories


Sorairo Memories
TitleSorairo Memories
Original titleそら色メモリーズ
Publishers Ga-Bang


Main character is surprised to see a girl next to him as he wakes up. All the neighbors claim that she is protagonist's sister Sora-chan. Girl has no memories prior to standing in front of the house. They decide to walk around the island to try to regain the memory. Is she really protagonist's sister who he has no recollection of?

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2002-09-2718+  Sorairo MemoriesFully voicedStory: Some fully animated scenesNon-freeCommercial640x4801 CD  


Character summary

Main character Chiba Sanae
Voiced by Noda Asumi
Main character Kawada Touko
Voiced by Suzuki Miyabi
Main character Sora
Voiced by Matsunaga Aya
Main character Tsunari Kiyone
Voiced by Ayase Yuu
Side character Hitsuji Kaoru
Voiced by Nakase Yuki
Side character Misaki
Voiced by Ooba Nana
Side character Tsunari Ayane
Voiced by Ooba Nana
Side character White Girl
Voiced by Nakase Yuki

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  Sorairo Memories

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