Saigo ni Kanaderu Kyousoukyoku


Saigo ni Kanaderu Kyousoukyoku
TitleSaigo ni Kanaderu Kyousoukyoku
Original title最後に奏でる狂想曲
Publishers Ex12 & Touchy


The main character "Kamijyou Makoto" was suddenly named chairman of "St. Ford Academy" by his grandfather's will. Makoto is a young, studying honor student and is a role model for people. However...contrary to his mild face that seems disappointed, his mind was hit by an unspeakable madness due to the incident that occurred in the past.

His younger sister was killed by someone a year ago. And Makoto knows that their are school girls deeply involved in the incident that made him go into deep despair at this academy. The death of that sister drives Makoto's heart. Occasional strikes of unspeakable cravings. Distrust of human beings. A dark desire to destroy so mush of his reasoning...The face of madness hidden behind the face of an honor student.

A sheet of music that he came across caught his desire intensely. When learned, the words floating in Makoto's chest formed a single word... It was the two letters of "revenge." In order to find out the female student's intentions, they fall into Makoto's hands one by one... Every time he gets closer to the truth of the case, the ripped sheet music gathers at hand...The unknown melody flows through Makoto's memory.

Why was my sister killed? Will Revenge be achieved? And What is the truth the torn song plays?

[Translated and slightly re-arranged from Official Webpage]


Kamijou Makoto
Kamijou Makoto神条 真人 
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm

Main characters

Side character

Tachikawa Kazuna
Tachikawa Kazuna立川和名