Silence ~Seinaru Yoru no Kane no Naka de...~


Silence ~Seinaru Yoru no Kane no Naka de...~
TitleSilence ~Seinaru Yoru no Kane no Naka de...~
Original titleSilence~聖なる夜の鐘の中で・・・~
Aliasesシランス, Silence(シランス)~聖なる夜の鐘の中で・・・~, Silence~白き聖夜の鐘の中で…~, L'Hiver - La saison fantasique Pour les Amoureux
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers e-Erekiteru


Our hero has been working day and night on preparations for the school festival. He suddenly experiences a blinding headache and is taken to the hospital. He is diagnosed with a brain tumor and is admitted into the reputable Saint Nicola Hospital. There are eerie rumors that ghosts have been sighted. Just what is it with this hospital? Frightened by his worsening condition, our hero is comforted by the various girls he comes across in the hospital. Christmas swings around as death approaches. . .

Choices diverge into various paths as conversations with girls are taken up in this picture novel. As the player, you can decide how our hero's remaining days will be spent to face the approaching end: To leave without regrets. Even with such an overbearing theme, it really is a refreshing piece of work that we know you'll enjoy.

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