Seika no Mori


TitleSeika no Mori
Original title盛夏の杜
Publishers Guts!


This is a visual novel with multiple scenarios, where the story changes depending upon your decisions. You will witness the love story of our hero Seiji Mizuno and his girlfriend Ayumi Takigawa. You will see their lives as circumstances evolve around them: The city and the country, as well as the past and the present. Please pay particular attention to the stage background brimming with emotion.

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2001-03-1618+  Seika no MoriNon-freeCommercial800x6001 CD 1 


Character summary

Main character Miyashita Megumi
Voiced by Miru
Main character Mizuno Miyuki
Voiced by Imuraya Sakura
Main character Saitou Ayako
Main character Takigawa Ayumi
Voiced by Fukai Haruka
Side character Sugita

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