Edit history of Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi

v5871.312019-07-10 at 10:13nekonekogirlSukimazakura to Uso no Machifix
v5871.302018-11-25 at 16:50batooSukimazakura to Uso no Machi+1 cast
v5871.292018-02-12 at 21:58traumatizerSukimazakura to Uso no Machione more
v5871.282018-02-12 at 21:57traumatizerSukimazakura to Uso no Machicast, staff
v5871.272016-09-19 at 11:47varioSukimazakura to Uso no Machi+1
v5871.262016-04-03 at 14:53varioSukimazakura to Uso no Machilink I guess, he meant Chiyoko. Feel free to fix me though.
v5871.252015-11-21 at 07:27justineSukimazakura to Uso no MachiFixed lowercase in alias to uppercase and added another alias.
v5871.242015-10-04 at 02:43weilaiSukimazakura to Uso no Machi..
v5871.232015-10-04 at 02:40weilaiSukimazakura to Uso no Machi..
v5871.222015-03-16 at 02:36altoSukimazakura to Uso no MachiAdd staff
v5871.212015-03-09 at 19:35mamitamalesSukimazakura to Uso no MachiAdded vocals
v5871.202015-03-09 at 12:47mamitamalesSukimazakura to Uso no MachiAdded artist.
v5871.192015-03-09 at 04:03mamitamalesSukimazakura to Uso no MachiAdded voice actors.
v5871.182015-02-04 at 21:42hitogoroshiSukimazakura to Uso no Machiscenario writer
v5871.172015-01-29 at 16:43shinnewSukimazakura to Uso no MachiWriter.
v5871.162014-04-27 at 19:25donjSukimazakura to Uso no MachiI corrected sakura pedals to sakura petals.
v5871.152012-08-06 at 12:21immlffSukimazakura to Uso no Machiminor fix
v5871.142012-08-06 at 12:19immlffSukimazakura to Uso no Machititle, better description
v5871.132011-07-25 at 06:42itsuwariSukima Zakura to Uso no Machilength
v5871.122011-06-28 at 11:43itsuwariSukima Zakura to Uso no Machiuploading screens
v5871.112011-06-01 at 04:25nananaSukima Zakura to Uso no Machiedit summary
v5871.102011-04-23 at 06:40drbombSukima Zakura to Uso no MachiTrial Screenshot
v5871.92011-04-18 at 01:53immlffSukima Zakura to Uso no Machithere's no need to add "Sukima" as an alias, it's already included in the main title and therefore search for it will work anyway; also, vn aliases
v5871.82011-04-09 at 09:15nananaSukima Zakura to Uso no Machichanged the cover
v5871.72011-03-05 at 16:15akisigureSukima Zakura to Uso no Machicover.
v5871.62011-01-13 at 14:41akisigureSukima Zakura to Uso no Machifixing name yet again.
v5871.52010-12-27 at 10:03nekonekogirlSukima Zakura to Uso no TokaiAdded image.
v5871.42010-12-25 at 06:11nananaSukima Zakura to Uso no Tokai-
v5871.32010-12-24 at 23:02akisigureSukima Zakura to Uso no Tokai-
v5871.22010-12-23 at 17:01akisigureSukima Zakura to Uso no Machi-
v5871.12010-12-23 at 16:57akisigureSukima Zakura to Uso no MachiNew vn entry.