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Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi


TitleSukimazakura to Uso no Machi
Original titleすきま桜とうその都会
AliasesEnd of the World and Cherry Blossom Princess, SukiMa
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Mengkeng Gongchengdui


In the midst of winter, two siblings strive to keep warmth in the snow. Under circumstances, Yuuma and Sakura escaped from home to seek refuge in the city, only to be spurned with harsh reality. In the moment of utmost direness they found a branch blossomed with Sakura petals, and it led them to a wonderland…Sakurano, the town under a giant Sakura tree where only liars may enter.

Sakurano is a mysterious town filled with strange phenomena, other than everywhere filled with sakura petals, it is always the season of Spring in Sakurano. The town has districts resembling the “outside world”, can still contact the outside world, but is not influenced by anything of the “outside”. Of which the most peculiar rumour of Sakurano is of the legend of a god who has created Sakurano: That those who asks will have their “lies” turned into “truths”.

[From Warum's Review]

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