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Slow Step ~Hajimete no Ren'ai~

Slow Step~初めての恋愛~

TitleSlow Step ~Hajimete no Ren'ai~
Original titleSlow Step~初めての恋愛~
DeveloperImage Craft
PublishersImage Craft


Main character decides to protect a new transfer student when she gets bullied. A common sense of sympathy overgrowing into love is born on that day. But what about childhood friend and school idol that he is already secretly in love with?

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Japanese (1)
2004-12-2418+Slow Step ~Hajimete no Ren'ai~


Full character list

Character summary

Aihara TsugumiMain character
Voiced by Minami Nami
Hanakawa KaoriMain character
Voiced by Tanaka Michi
Sugishita NanakaMain character
Voiced by Sasaki Akari
Fujii NaoyaSide character
Kikuchi SayaSide character
Voiced by Sakura Rin
Nomura KiyokaSide character
Voiced by Tenten

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Slow Step ~Hajimete no Ren'ai~

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