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v5895.72018-09-08 at 18:37shinnewHaruko ManiaxDo you have an actual source or did you just use the import cast button again? Reverted to revision v5895.5
v5895.62018-09-05 at 08:51nekonekogirlHaruko Maniaxstaff
v5895.52015-09-17 at 18:42slv76Haruko ManiaxOriginal cover
v5895.42015-08-21 at 18:54superelmoHaruko ManiaxI've taken the screenshots myself and it seems that the resolution is 1024x600. When the game is played in full screen mode, black borders are added
v5895.32011-01-05 at 22:07shikiller666Haruko ManiaxMore screens
v5895.22011-01-04 at 00:29shikiller666Haruko Maniaxscreenshot
v5895.12010-12-25 at 23:13moriartyHaruko Maniaxadded visual novel