Pheromone ~Hashire Eros! Ai no Time Limit~


Pheromone ~Hashire Eros! Ai no Time Limit~
TitlePheromone ~Hashire Eros! Ai no Time Limit~
Original titleフェロモン~走れエロス!愛のタイムリミット~
Publishers Ciel


When Hidemaru gets excited, his body secretes a chemical substance called "Pheromone." This substance stimulates sexual feelings in any girl anywhere near him. There are always so many girls around him that he has become afraid of women.From an invitation from his sister, Hidemaru visits her college campus, where he falls in love with Haruna Sakurai. She is completely unaffected by the substance his body produces. However, every other girl becomes a raging animal, when his body produces pheromone. Hidemaru has no control over this, other than to try to remain calm. Will he be able to overcome his problems and enjoy life with Haruna?

This is basically an adventure-style game. You will be provided with a map of general outlines, which must be utilized to succeed. Your objective is to move the map around and arrive in time for your date with Haruna. You can adjust your speed as you move the map, but if you move too fast, your body will produce pheromone, which will definitely cause problems. Here's the catch: If you walk, you'll miss your date with Haruna! Watch your pulse; watch out for the hoards of girls; see if you can make it on time!

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