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v60.152011-04-15 at 08:38beliarAi Yori AoshiNow fully correct description
v60.142010-12-15 at 21:52lyleAi Yori AoshiThe manga/anime adaptations are often known by this name, so it may help people searching for the original.
v60.132010-12-13 at 22:12beliarAi Yori AoshiUpdated description about the TRUE plot of the game, corrected the length as you need MUCH more than 2h in order to reach all endings, added some
v60.122010-11-04 at 12:19sinnerAi Yori Aoshirus title and screenshots
v60.112010-01-11 at 04:39hikiganeAi Yori AoshiThis game is seriously short. It barely reaches 1 hour of gameplay, and you will probably have already beaten all "routes"
v60.102008-10-22 at 14:40echomateriaAi Yori AoshiOriginal title added
v60.92008-08-29 at 11:21maouAi Yori AoshiAdded screenshot-release info I remember playing the demo and being thoroughly underwhelmed.
v60.82008-08-16 at 11:19yorhelAi Yori AoshiScreenshots of the Hirameki version
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