Relation graph for Mahou Senshi Lemmtear Knights ~Hikari no Otome-tachi~

Note: Unofficial relations are excluded if the graph would otherwise be too large.

Mahou Senshi Lemmtear Knigh... 2008-09-26 ja Kite ne! Mahou Senshi no Ga... 2009-03-27 ja FandiscOriginal gameMahou Senshi Next Ignition 2016-11-25 ja SequelPrequelMahou Senshi Extra Stage ~1... 2012-09-28 ja FandiscOriginal gameSankaku Matsuri Vol.1 2004-08-13 ja Sankaku Matsuri Vol.2 2005-02-25 ja Crucifixion Knights 2 ~Hari... 2008-08-17 ja Mahou Senshi Exceed Knights... 2018-06-29 ja Mahou Senshi Emeroad Knight... 2019-06-28 ja SequelPrequelMahou Senshi Extra Stage 3 ... 2019-09-27 ja Sakura Kikou ~Dorei Choukyou~ 2002-07-19 ja FandiscOriginal gameMahou Senshi Extra Stage 2 ... 2014-01-24 ja FandiscOriginal gameSequelPrequelSin Kourin Tenshi En Ciel R... 2018-12-21 ja Sacred Ground 2008-03-28 ja Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights ... 2002-05-17 ja FandiscOriginal gameShares charactersMahou Senshi Princess Tear 2003-05-23 ja SequelPrequelFandiscOriginal gameSame seriesMahou Senshi Sweet Knights ... 2004-04-02 ja FandiscOriginal gameShares charactersShares charactersKourin Tenshi En Ciel Rena 2005-05-27 ja Same seriesFandiscOriginal gameMahou Senshi Elixir Knights... 2007-09-28 ja Same seriesFandiscOriginal gameShares charactersFandiscOriginal gameFandiscOriginal gameShares charactersSequelPrequelMahou Senshi Symphonic Knig... 2007-03-30 ja FandiscOriginal gameShares charactersSame seriesImouto Kansatsu Nikki 2002-12-13 ja FandiscOriginal gameImouto Kansatsu Nikki 2 2004-10-15 ja Same seriesShares charactersSame seriesSin Kourin Tenshi En Ciel R... 2017-07-28 ja Alternative versionFandiscOriginal gameYoku Dekimashita. 2001-11-02 ja Shares charactersSequelPrequelFandiscOriginal gameSame series