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Mahou Senshi Lemmtear Knights ~Hikari no Otome-tachi~


TitleMahou Senshi Lemmtear Knights ~Hikari no Otome-tachi~
Original title魔法戦士レムティアナイツ~光の乙女たち~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
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"In Roa, Metzer was fighting against the leader of Goddess Imperial Guard, Queen Tearna, while on the terrestrial world Falke and Silva used the granted power to fight against the organization called『Hakubara』(White Rose).

One day, Metzer has detected the reaction from the new Seireiseki (Holy Tear Stone) and went to the surface world to determine its value. However, when he arrived, in front of Metzer is the a girl who had already picked up the stone.

'Does this thing belong to you?'

The girl's name is Ayahime Kurumi. She is a student of Kokusaikyoudou school. Kurumi sense the 'evil' within Metzer and decided to prevent him from getting the stone. At the same time, Seireiseki entered into Kurumi. Power flowed through Kurumi's body from her womb and transformed her into a warrior. However, Kurumi was still inexperienced and while she was in a dire situation, Symphonic Sugar appeared to rescue her.

After Kurumi joined Hakubara, Ruruka, Symphonic Sugar, and Elixir Rose combined their knowledge and power together and developed 'LEMM' , a multi-purpose combat system. Kurumi who received Tearna's power from Seireiseki and LEMM system was born as the 9th Mahou Senshi (Magical Warrior) 'Lemmtear Theta' and began her fight against Metzer.

On the other side, Metzer planed to corrupt Lemmtear Theta with sexual means as well as sexually train her in order to capture her and use her for his scheme.

Can Metzer corrupt the new warrior, Lemmtear Theta, and the Hakubara members and use them to fulfill his ambition?"

Translated from Getchu.