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Oshiete Little Vampire

おしえて りとるばんぱいあ

TitleOshiete Little Vampire
Original titleおしえて りとるばんぱいあ
AliasesTell Me, Little Vampire
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)


" body... Please touch me..."
"My... breasts... my nipples are so sensitive... just caress the sides... gently... g-gentlyyy..."
"Like this?"
"Squeeze without squeezing... so I don't know which is which... that caress feels... so good."
"This is a delicate art, isn't it."

A summer night. The window was open, and a clumsy small vampire flew in.
One bite and the connection was made: master and servant, promised eternally.
The only way to break free was to do "that". No matter how unpleasant, or smelly, or anything, there was no running from it. A curious life begins.

[from DLsite English]

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