Mahou Shoujo Mana


TitleMahou Shoujo Mana
Original title魔法少女マナ
AliasesLittle Witch Mana
Publishers Touchable
Shares characters
Shinshoku ~Inma no Ikenie~


Mana is a girl's high school student. She does a ritual of calling the devil, a magician taught her how to do it through the internet. But the devil comes up is a wimpy devil, Kurou. She starts her plan reluctantly with Kurou..., to conquer the world. At first, she starts to look for the magic book but various mysterious cases happen at school.... Mana thinks it is related to the magic book and transforms herself to a witch. She searches around the school with her friend Kaori and Kurou.... Ordeals waiting for them... mysterious rituals taken place at school... female devil... and.... Little witch insulting story starts...

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