Relation graph for Mahou Shoujo Mana

Note: Unofficial relations are excluded if the graph would otherwise be too large.

Daydream Believer 2011-10-28 ja Shinshoku 2 ~Inma no Ikenie~ 2007-11-30 ja Shinshoku 3 ~Inma no Ikenie~ 2010-09-24 ja SequelPrequelShinshoku -Zero- ~Inma no I... 2015-01-30 ja Mahou Shoujo Mana 2006-09-29 ja Shinshoku ~Inma no Ikenie~ 2005-05-27 ja SequelPrequelPrequelSequelShares charactersSame settingTwilight Dual 2001-12-28 ja Same setting