Puppet Princess ~Kugutsu Hime. Watashi wa, Ayatsuri Ningyou~

パペットプリンセス ~傀儡姫。わたしは、操り人形~

TitlePuppet Princess ~Kugutsu Hime. Watashi wa, Ayatsuri Ningyou~
Original titleパペットプリンセス ~傀儡姫。わたしは、操り人形~
DeveloperPetit Pajamas
Publishers Petit Pajamas


On the day of his birthday, Touma Subaru receives a message from his father, Touma Kyouji.
"Come to the school tonight. I've got something for you."
Doing as instructed, Subaru enters a dark classroom. Inside awaits him a single girl - his classmate, Oda Honoka.
From the moment when Subaru rapes Honoka following Kyouji's orders, their ordinary lives take a plunge into the twisted and abnormal as they become puppets dancing in Kyouji's palm...

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Miyasako Rui宮迫 留衣 
Role, Maid
Voiced byAoyama Yukari