Majo-gari no Kishi ~Jinkaku Ten'i no Ori~

魔女狩りの騎士 ~人格転移の檻~

TitleMajo-gari no Kishi ~Jinkaku Ten'i no Ori~
Original title魔女狩りの騎士 ~人格転移の檻~
AliasesThe witch-hunting knight
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperBlack Lilith
Publishers Black Lilith
Side story
Lilith-Izm01 ~Fera Hen~


Witches are wreaking havoc throughout the empire. Hunting supernatural is the work of Aria Marianne, one of the sixteen knights in the service of the emperor. She does battle countless time with the witches, until at last she finds herself in a bad situation! What will become of Aria and her brother Cyril?

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