Man'in Densha 2


TitleMan'in Densha 2
Original title満淫電車2
Publishers AiCherry & Bishop
Man'in Densha


Yuu is an expert on train molestation. But one day, he is arrested for train molestation and fired from his job. He decides not to do train molestation again while on probation and moves to a new town. However, when he meets Misato and Airi, beautiful sisters with big breasts, at the train station, his pent-up libido arouses.... Also, he meets Yuiko, a nurse, and Kaoru, a teacher, on the train. He can't stop it anymore and touches their hips and thighs. Moreover, he performs his special technique of train molestation to Rin and Honoka, high school students. Yes, he can read people's minds and tell what he thinks to others. When Yuu resumes using his special technique, a group of security guards start taking action as well....

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