Akatsuki no Ganshou


Akatsuki no Ganshou
TitleAkatsuki no Ganshou
Original title暁の岩礁
DeveloperSystem Rose
PublishersUme Soft & Arieroof


Main character is a teacher at a private girls' school. One day he and his students set off on excursion to Yokohama port and then by luxurious liner "Ingleb" to Hong Kong. However, they fall into a trap set by someone just before departure. Will they survive?

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1999-05-2818+Akatsuki no Ganshou
2000-06-0218+Akatsuki no Ganshou - Paradise 38 Series Low Price Edition


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Main characterHagiwara Yukari
Main characterIshihara Hikaru
Main characterKinomoto Ren
Main characterMatsuda Masumi
Main characterMitamura Hana
Main characterOki Haruka
Main characterOnodera Hime
Main characterSera Hibiki
Main characterWatari Moe

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