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Boku to Kanojo to Kokoro no Kakera


TitleBoku to Kanojo to Kokoro no Kakera
Original title僕と彼女とココロの欠片
DeveloperMilky Kiss
PublishersMilky Kiss


Father gets an urgent work appointment leaving main character in charge of his imouto and niece.
He has a lover, but something misses in his heart. He starts to see strange dreams more and more frequent. As summer vacations draw close he hears in his dream "The day of the appointment is about to come ..."

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2003-08-0818+Boku to Kanojo to Kokoro no Kakera


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Character summary

Hidaka NaokiProtagonist
Hidaka YuuMain character
Sakaki AsukaMain character
Shiratama AnzuMain character
Tsukishiro MayaMain character
Usami KyoukoMain character
WakabaMain character

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