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v617.262018-11-12 at 03:42sy74kyaSoul LinkThe protagonist is partially voiced
v617.252016-09-27 at 16:25traumatizerSoul Link+1
v617.242016-09-07 at 01:42jazz957Soul Linklink staff
v617.232016-06-13 at 07:33hnnynSoul Link+1
v617.222016-04-18 at 11:55weilaiSoul Link..
v617.212015-09-09 at 03:36savagetigerSoul Link+1
v617.202015-07-11 at 20:43traumatizerSoul Linksongs
v617.192015-05-14 at 19:05traumatizerSoul Link+2
v617.182015-04-23 at 20:46wakaranaiSoul LinkVA for c10527 in 'ultimate'
v617.172015-02-09 at 09:30wakaranaiSoul Linkstaff&cast
v617.162015-02-07 at 08:14nutellafanSoul Linkadded VA.
v617.152014-07-06 at 12:44emperoraceSoul LinkFixed some grammar in the description.
v617.142012-08-28 at 18:18surferdudeSoul Linkremoved relation
v617.132010-01-05 at 20:11izmosmolnarSoul Linkencubed
v617.122010-01-03 at 04:19izmosmolnarSoul Linkurl
v617.112010-01-03 at 04:10atlasSoul Linkforgot link
v617.102010-01-03 at 04:09atlasSoul LinkReplaced wikipedia description with description from mangagamer
v617.92010-01-02 at 19:36izmosmolnarSoul Linkbetter cover showing all the characters and screenshots
v617.82009-03-01 at 09:40yorhelSoul LinkReverted to revision v617.6 CGs <> Screenshots, see d2#6
v617.72009-03-01 at 01:245sss4Soul LinkSoul Link
v617.62008-07-29 at 23:38savta-tanSoul Linkpantsu boy
v617.52008-05-04 at 13:33maccasvenneSoul Link
v617.42008-04-10 at 15:17echomateriaSoul Link
v617.32008-04-04 at 09:03echomateriaSoul Link
v617.22008-04-04 at 08:47echomateriaSoul Link
v617.12008-04-04 at 08:39echomateriaSoul Link