Edit history of Miko Shimai ~Shokushu Jusei Jigoku~

v6190.72019-08-21 at 06:07harleyquinMiko Shimai ~Shokushu Jusei Jigoku~No reference to alternative title. 巫女 is never read as anything other than "Miko".
v6190.62019-06-27 at 18:49kivandopulusMiko Shimai ~Shokushu Jusei Jigoku~desc
v6190.52015-03-20 at 11:41skorpiondeathMiko Shimai ~Shokushu Jusei Jigoku~fixed entry as artist
v6190.42015-03-15 at 16:52skorpiondeathMiko Shimai ~Shokushu Jusei Jigoku~added staff
v6190.32012-11-10 at 19:37eiesoldarMiko Shimai ~Shokushu Jusei Jigoku~Alternative name, screenshots added (mostly NSFW, since there are few safe images in the game)
v6190.22011-09-19 at 16:49aerMiko Shimai ~Shokushu Jusei Jigoku~Lenght added
v6190.12011-01-16 at 05:20eyelessMiko Shimai ~Shokushu Jusei Jigoku~added vn