Milkyway 3


Milkyway 3
TitleMilkyway 3
Original titleMilkyway3
Publishers Witch
Milkyway 2


Over 20 years have passes since events of Milkyway 2. Cafe owners migrated overseas leaving the establishment for Sakuya to inherit. Once again he returns to the cafe in attempt to try to revitalize it with new workers and fight debt. Young entertainment genius Koibun buys crumbling Milkyway from Sakuya. Both descendants of former heroines and new girls flood the coffee shop once more.

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2005-04-2818+  Milkyway 3Non-freeCommercial2 CDs 1 


Character summary

Protagonist Oono Hiroki
Protagonist Suzuki Yukihiro
Main character Kudou Yuuri
Voiced by Nogami Nana
Main character Mitsuishi Yurika
Voiced by Yoshida Satsuki
Main character Morishita Mizeru
Voiced by Oono Marina
Main character Nanase Kira
Voiced by Aya
Main character Sarah Maxwell
Voiced by Shibuya Hime
Main character Sawaki Yuki
Voiced by Shindou Mayumi
Main character Takanashi Remon
Voiced by Misono Madoka
Main character Yokouchi Madoka
Main character Yuuki Setsuka
Side character Akane
Side character KOUJI
Side character Mikage Sakuya
Voiced by Kujou Shino
Side character Nakamura
Side character Sakamoto Aya
Voiced by Sugisawa Yuka
Side character Suzuki Takashi
Side character Yuuki Ran
Voiced by Torii Kanon

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