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Our hero lost his parents in an accident when he was small. He's a very depressed and poor college student, and worse, he's still a virgin.
By fluke, he gets a managing position at the dorm of a famous all-girls school. He's pretty excited to be around so many pretty girls! But of course, he chickens out and can't do anything.
One day, he finds an old well near the dorm. He encounters an evil spirit who wants to unite with him. He concedes and the evil spirit is revived. With this evil power, our hero begins hunting for sacrifices. Naturally enough, his prey will be the pretty dorm girls!!!

In this AVG, you'll hunt down girls in the dorm. Here are a few of the cute heroines who will be sacrifices for the evil spirit's revival ceremony:

Hitomi Sakuragaoka: A quiet and smart girl who looks nice with her ponytail. She's very popular.
Cindy and Hana are her good friends.
Hatsuki Cindy Kurihara: She's part American. She belongs to the lacrosse team. She's popular, but
she's also a troublemaker.
Hana Ito: A hard worker even in an unhappy environment; her mom is sick and her dad is missing.
She's a devoted girl who takes good care of her brother and sister.
Hinako Katsura: She's from a rich family. She's slow, but she's good at sports. She's the ace on the
lacrosse team.
Yukari Hinomiya: An attractive and mature lady with a wonderful body. She's the teacher who gives
our hero the manager position at the dorm.

You'll find many more attractive girls! Give yourself to the evil spirit and hunt down these pretty girls!

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2003-06-2618+Mitsu - DVDPG
2004-12-1718+Best Hit Collection "Mitsu"
2006-12-0818+Mitsu - Download Edition


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              Azuma NonokaMain character
              Hinomiya YukariMain character
              Ichijou YuunaMain character
              Itou HanaMain character
              Katsura HinakoMain character
              Midorikawa SatsukiMain character
              Sakuragaoka HitomiMain character

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