Original titleつくものがたり
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers FuRyu Corporation
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“That is unacceptable now. You've known the secret.
There is a story of a boy who can see AYAKASHI, not visible to human eye.”

In the present world, crime rates keep on increasing every day. This is happening because evil spirits have crossed over from the spirit world to the human world. These spirits are invisible to the naked eyes. One day, Yūto Ishigami was pushed out of the third floor's window by a classmate who suddenly turned violent, but he miraculously survived without a single scratch. However, since that day, Yuuto began to see strange things. These strange things are known as "Ayakashi". The fact that he's seeing them is proof that the ability that was sleeping within him has been awakened.

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